Bear Writer

Been using Bear for a while now, and really like it. It has become my go to note tool for typed notes, displacing Evernote. I still use Evernote for Scannable and Penultimate, because search is the killer feature. Sadly, neither of those apps have got much in the way of attention lately. Some Scannable features have moved into Evernote proper, even expanding those features. Penultimate hasn’t changed much though, but it still works. I’m going to experiment with search in iOS 11 Notes. I wish it would clean up whiteboard snapshots like Scannable or Evernote.

I also wish I could author Blog entries easily in Bear, and export them or publish them to WordPress (especially on iOS). Markdown is awesome, but I haven’t figured out a good way to use it from the WordPress iOS app. Unfortunately sharing from Bear to WordPress doesn’t work on iOS. Not sure if it is WordPress or Bear that isn’t playing nicely…

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