EC2 CloudFormation Examples

Great write up here going over some cloudformation basics…

This article will go over a few practical examples of EC2 build out using CloudFormation. You should have some familiarity with CloudFormation, EC2, EBS, and VPCs. This article also uses YAML and you should be familiar with the syntax for it. The following pieces will be discussed: Creating EC2 instances

Source: EC2 CloudFormation Examples

Event Driven Service Backbone

I really like this description of an event-driven pattern for services, even micro-services. It is still compatible with event sourcing for data and CQRS patterns, but provides a way to reason about service interaction more easily. I’ve tried to promote this type of architecture before, but the article below explains it much better than I have in the past.

In this blog post, we look at composing services not through chains of commands, but rather through streams of events.

Source: Build Services on a Backbone of Events | Confluent for Microservices

Rainbow Six Spam?

Why do I feel like this means something has been hacked? I’ve been getting a bunch of Rainbow Six followers on twitter all of the sudden…