Another Byword Test 20170529-0835

Editorial vs Byword and Workflow for WordPress Writing v2017–05–29–0832

I’ve been comparing byword and editorial. This is a test. In the event of a real post, info would go here… trying to edit an existing post via Byword and Workflow… I’m leaving the broken versions in the blog for my reference.

RIP Mr Boots 2000-2017
RIP Mr Boots 2000–2017

Byword tests

I got an error trying to connect Byword directly, need to see if I can search their help text later. It is probably my extra login security options and plugins, keeping me safe from the bad hackers.

The Error
The Error

Add Workflow

So I’m trying to write a workflow action. That has a visual programming style that isn’t horrible (as a developer)… let’s try it. Here’s a link to my first attempt: my post to WordPress Workflow

as the Workflow turns
as the Workflow turns

Needs More Work

For some reason the bullet list is out-denting in my theme. Needs more tabs.

  • The Workflow was expecting the first line to be the title. Byword didn’t pass the file name as the first line like it has before.
    • I can work around the title/file name thing.
  • It also only passed the text, and did not upload the photos.
    • Images would be a nice to have.
  • It created a new entry instead of updating an existing entry, and did something odd when it saw a slash W for some reason:

Slash Unicode what?!
Slash Unicode what?!

Post by sharing via email

Trying out the jet pack post by email feature… the markdown and HTML options don’t include the images.

Buggy Plugin?

I had a plugin to fix http/https mixed content. It would strip http:// and https:// in an attempt to get all links to start with // instead. I had another plugin that did more ssl stuff and they might have conflicted enough to break API post. Testing out again…

It appears removing the extra ssl plugin fixed Byword:

byword publish success!
byword publish success!

Oddly, I have to upload each resource manually first. It gives me a list and it is a simple click, but it would be nicer if it were automated.

Wish List

There’s no extra Workflow plugins for Byword like there are for Editorial, and no version support beyond what Dropbox gives me (no git support like I’d prefer). However for distraction free writing, it now just works.


This is a slick editor that supports some live markdown preview and TaskPaper markdown. However, don’t see an option to insert pics. It has an embedded Python scripting engine for workflows. I’ll need to figure that out and how to use it to upload photos, if possible, for a halfway decent comparison.

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